10 Commandments for Weightless Diving

5 hacks on saving air while diving

Do you breathe your tank down quicker than your buddy? Here are 5 diving tips to assist you conserve your element and extend your bottom time. 1. Fix the little leaks Even a small stream of bubbles from an O-ring or an inflater swivel adds up over 40 minutes, and should be a symptom of … Read more

4 Things That Damages Your Diving Gears

A set of dive gear could be a huge investment. If you’re inquisitive about doing everything you can to keep your diving gears in high condition, check out this list of things to avoid: Bad Buoyancy Skills A diver with poor buoyancy and unhealthy “trim” is in danger of dragging gear over rocks, coral reefs … Read more

3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos

3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos

Macro photographers are now using new techniques and high-quality equipment to deliver inventive underwater images. Purchasing these apparatuses can be costly, especially if you are just kick-starting your journey to macro photography. So we’ve come up with these essential composition hacks to help you take better photos with or without fancy camera gears: The closer … Read more