Be sharp underwater: Featuring the Greatest of Mares Knives

Whether you are an amateur or a professional diver, a diving knife is a must-have equipment a diver should have. This tool is important because it helps you during emergency underwater. That is why divers deserve a high quality diving knife that they can use in their diving experience. Check out these greatest of Mares Knives!

Be sharp underwater: Featuring the Greatest of Mares Knives


Mares Knife abrasion and corrosion resistance

Mares Knife creates the best quality of dive knives which is very convenient and useful for all types of divers. Constructed from ultra-hard titanium, the Mares Force Titanium is a foldable dive knife which is handy and comfortable to use. The material offers divers improved abrasion and corrosion resistance than stainless steel. It is much more lighter and doesn’t rust easily. Additionally, the cutting sharpness of this dive knife which is made from custom ground blade with a special serrated edge allows you to cut through a line.

Be sharp underwater: Featuring the Greatest of Mares Knives


Mares serrated and straight-edge blade knife

It is also important that you consider the sharpness and use of the knife you will use during your dive. The Mares provides you with serrated and straight-edge blade knife that is suitable for cutting finer materials or entanglements underwater.

Mares Argo Knife is ideal for spear-fishermen. The thick stainless blade offers you with serrated blade that is perfect for cutting ropes or fish bones. It also comes with straight-edge blade on the other side of the knife that is also for cutting finer materials and can be worn comfortably on your body. You can also opt for Mares Hero Knife that is ideal for any type of dive. This straight-edge and micro-serrated shearing blade is manufactured with stainless steel.

Be sharp underwater: Featuring the Greatest of Mares Knives


Mares blunt tip knife

A good dive blade is necessary when choosing a dive knife. In Mares Force Nano Plus knife, it has features that are suitable for any situation underwater. It is designed in a blunt-tip that also comes with stainless steel blade with built-in cutter. The handy knife is also secured for it has a soft over-molded grip for better hold. It is a compact-sized knife that has serrated and normal blade on the leading edge. This Mares blunt tip knife ensures the safety of the diver not to injure or stab themselves on their diving trip.

Be sharp underwater: Featuring the Greatest of Mares Knives


Mares Knife Sheath and Grip

After choosing the right blade and knife tip, it is also important that you have a better grip when using it underwater. It must be comfortable in your hand whether or not you are wearing diving gloves. You also have option to fold the knife or place it in a secure sheath. A good folding knife is handy for they can easily be stored and retrieved in your pockets. Storing your knife in a sheath is also a good option because you can attach it on your leg, pocket flap, or deflator hose plus it can also prevent the knife from slipping.

The foldable knife of Mares Force Bat Titanium is handy and it easily opens. It is designed with abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and hardness. Divers can have a good grip for it is lightweight and safe. The custom-blade with serrated edge allows you for better cutting and entangling underwater. This ultra-made titanium dive knife has a clip and swivel gate clip.

In the end, it is always better that one must have a diving knife to carry along as you explore the depths of the ocean for a safer diving experience. Keep swimming and always be sharp underwater!

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One


Ready for your next diving trip but unsure what bag to bring? Worry no more because Mares Bags has a vast range of bags to choose from! Take a look at these bags as you pair it with your Mares swim active wear.

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One


Mares Dry Bags

Perfect for outdoor activities such as kayaking, rafting, boating, fishing or canoeing; the Mares Dry Bag offers you a fully waterproof sack to protect your clothing or any other belongings or equipments. This 75 litre dry bag option can carry fins up to 85 cm in length.  Take it from the new tubular waterproof sacks that comes with different sizes and color. It has a black bottom to ensure that the sack is free from any dirt. Cruise Dry, one of their best product line is made from Tarpaulin 500D. The thermo-welded stitching guaranteed a waterproof seal and resistance to any scratches.

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One

Mares Roller Bags (Trolley)

Suitable for a dive trip, this Mares roller bag can carry almost everything you need in your trip. Check this Mares Cruise Roller, a foldable backpack with wheels! This cool roller bag is light and spacious that can be folded into small carry case. The two side pockets is designed for storing your fins and adjustable straps on the outside while the front pockets and handles to easily carried or transport. This easy 128 liter capacity bag has rugged and durable constructed wheels which are attached with corrosion resistant stainless steel screws so it is more durable. The popular Mares Cruise Roller Foldable Backpack with Wheels is well-known for its high quality plus it is convenient with its large capacity and lots of pockets.

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One


Mares Backpacks

Designed for traveling diver, the backpack-style bag can help you in carrying your valuable things anywhere. Settled in with Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe that weighs about 1.3 kgs and can carry roughly about 112 liters.  The adjustable shoulder and sternal straps that is easy and comfortable to carry, lateral and sturdy zipper for easy access to your equipment plus it has special design to protect your things to any dirt or getting wet — this is a must-have for all traveling divers. It has also spacious pockets inside and outside of the bags for more storage of your equipments.

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One

Mares Duffle Bags

Pack like a pro with the Mares Cruise Mesh Duffel Bag! This ideal bag can help you store your equipment after you scuba dive. Comfortable to carry, this bag can be easily folded to become a small round bag with a handle plus it can carry even your longest fins. It is often used for boating, drying equipment, vacation, or more. This is famous for customers for its durability, huge space or capacity, drains easily and easy to clean.

The Vast Range of Mares Bags and How to Choose One

Mares Special Bags (Fins Bag, Regulator Bag, Speargun Bag)

Organized your fins, regulator, and speargun and put them into a bag! Specially designed for these kind of diving equipments, Mares proudly offers you different special bags for each item. The Mares Attack Fin Bag which is suitable for fins with long blades. Equipped with external document pouch that carries your gear, well-padded adjustable shoulder strap and easy grab handle, this is the right bag for your fins. Additionally, it also comes with dual slider zipper opening that makes the bag more accessible.



The Mares Flexa Family and Why You Should Own One

The Mares Flexa Family and Why You Should Own One

Here at Mares, the birth of the New Flexa Family is more than just a heritage of wetsuits and accessories. We aim to produce models equipped with ultimate characteristics that already made the previous line stand out in addition with reputable refinements to provide the best possible performance. We bring you a new standard made up of elite aesthetic and functional innovations. Here is a list of the new Mares Flexa line:

Mares Flexa 8.6.5

Thinking of something arctic? With a thickness of 8.6.5mm, this wetsuit is perfect for an icing and freezing water getaway!


Mares Flexa 5.4.3

Designed specifically for temperate waters. Equipped with back and shoulder protection system.

Mares Flexa 3.2.2

Drafted for warm waters and comes with white colored panels to distinguish it from others. Dive with style!

Mares Flexa Core

The 4mm ultra-elastic shorty of the line, an absolute gem for cold waters. It is a very flexible element on which can be worn by itself or on top of the Flexa wetsuits or any Mares suits for maximum protection.


Mares Flexa Vest

It guarantees thermal comfort with 3mm thickness and ensures maximum flexibility with a built-in hood. You can definitely wear it under or over any Flexa suit.

Mares Flexa Therm

Gives maximum thermal comfort and the absolute perfect fit! Made from Ultrastretch neoprene with a masterseal zip, it offers optimum freedom of movement.


Mares Flexa Hood

Guarantees fast air release and ear equalization system.

Mares Flexa Fit Gloves

Snug cut available in 5mm and 6.5mm neoprene

All wetsuits are available in Men’s and She Dives versions. The Flexa family takes pride in its Trilastic technology which in fact uses different thickness of neoprene for different parts of the body. The updated Flexa family is made in ultrastretch material which promises convenience, easy donning and comfort. This line will surely satisfy even the most meticulous divers out there. What are you waiting for? Contact your Mares dealer and own something Flexa today!