How to pack your diving gear for travel: Here’s our guide

Packing for a scuba diving travel is as tedious as the diving mission itself. For a serious dive mission, it is vital to bring regulators, dive computers, buoyancy compensators, wetsuits,  masks, fins and other scuba gear necessary — as well as their backups and batteries. Stuffing these arsenals into a fleet of dive bags and roller bags can be a conundrum. Fortunately, we have gathered these paramount guide from expert divers on how to legitimately do it:

    1.Wrap your mask

The best way to take this space-consuming hard case is to wrap it with clothes before packing it into the bag. Not only will it protect the lenses of the mask from scratches, it will also put the space for your clothing into good use. It is also essential to invest on your own mask as a diver who travels; rental masks that leak may ruin your whole dive travel.

   2.Keep regulator on your hand carry

This is your own air delivery system. Do not disassemble the first and second stage, keep them together to keep them tight. Wrapping it in a soft cloth or padded bag for cushion will only consume more space. It is highly encouraged to keep it in your hand carry because you would not want your life support equipment being thrown around in airports.

   3.Use wet suit as padding

Maximize the function of your wetsuit and use it as a padding for your regulator or mask. This is a very personal essential and you might not want to consider renting this from dive centers. Choosing a wetsuit that perfectly fits your anatomy and morphology, and the type and temperature of water you are diving is extremely significant.

   4.Turn fins to storages

Fill the holes of your fins with small items like batteries and seal them with socks to save room.

Fins can be put along the sides of the bag. They should fit comfortably without bending. Check out the Mares X-Stream, the lightest full-size fin (.7kg) with a good kicking power.

   5.Lay buoyancy compensator at bottom of bag

BC’s take up a lot of space when you are packing. Make sure that all of the air is out, and then lay your BCD on the bottom of the gear bag, flattened out and centered in the bag.


Quick notes:

  •        Pack your dive knife in your checked luggage. It is not allowed aboard the plane.
  •        Keep your dive computers and cameras in your carry-on bag.
  •        Bring a mesh bag with you.
  •        Don’t forget your accessories such as gloves, dive lights, and save-a-dive-kit.
  •        Don’t forget your sunscreen and medications in case you catch seasickness!

Travelling with dive gear and packing them is not the easiest task — but it will all definitely pay off after the dive.

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Mares She Dives: Dive the World, Girls!

As much as you hanker to wear swimsuits during dives, it is not practical at all. Mediocre and poorly structured dive suits, on the other hand, may ruin the whole dive mission as they may not perfectly fit female physique. Fortunately, there are stylish and ergonomically designed wetsuits and BCDs that are made especially for the anatomy and morphology of women: Mares She Dives product line.

Mares She Dives presents unrivaled style for female physique

Mares She Dives is a line-up or product range specifically designed for women divers. She Dives products are intricately engineered and ingeniously structured to fit perfectly the female physique. They flatter the curves along anatomical lines. Unlike wetsuits for men, She Dives is stylish and has more abstract designs at the biceps, wrist, hip, and calf of the suit.

Mares She Dives wetsuits provide excellent thermal protection

Let’s take a closer look at Mares Coral She Dives. The inside of the suit is Metalite, which helps the body’s heat reflect — generating warmth even while diving in cold waters with the 0.5 mm neoprene layer for extra insulation. It is also great for warmer temperature.

Mares She Dives wetsuits offer unmatched comfort and protection

Mares She Dives wetsuits are flexible enough for greater freedom underwater. It is also suitable for various surface sports. Mares Coral She Dives Wetsuit is considered as the easiest dive suits to be worn,  has a hook-and-loop closure at the neck with shorter hooks that provide a rock-solid grip yet it is comfortable and does not constrict the breathing at the throat. You can also float freely as it has a zipper leash at the lower back of the suit to secure the dive suit around your body. The layered straps are designed to keep the suit when you pull another on top of it.

Mares She Dives integrated on BCDs

It is also a struggle for female divers to find BCD that suits for their body. The Mares Hybrid She Dives is specially designed for women divers for their next diving trip. The exclusive style of Mares Hybrid She Dives in a jacket style BCD that has seamless shoulder straps plus it is durable and lightweight that is why is suitable for female divers. The 13 lbs Hybrid is equipped with Mares MRS Plus in which it ensures the protection and safety of the weight pockets. It is durable because it is made with 420 Cordura Denier Nylon with strong polyurethane inside. The accessorizing was maximized through its seven lightweight aluminum D-rings and grommets and Mares Force Knife Collection. This adjustable BC was made with the Ergo Inflator which is the inflation/deflation control unit on Mares BCD’s that has been designed according to ergonomic standards plus two flat rear overpressure relief valves that was specially made to reduce the size of the valves. The chest strap is removable so it is easier for women plus it has zippered pockets for full protection and the ergonomic transport handle. Women can choose among the three sizes offered by the Mares.


Strategically structured scuba diving suits and gears with unmatched comfort, protection and style are at hand, girls. So why settle for unstylish and built-discordant?



The Best of Mares Fins: Which of these Mares Fins Fit You?

Equally critical and exciting, scuba diving is a serious water sport that need ingeniously engineered gears to navigate better underwater regardless—the water condition and temperature. Just like other gears, your diving fins will significantly define the quality of your dive. So, choosing a fin that fits you and being familiar with it is extremely important as it allows for more precision during your dives and leads to a higher confidence level. On the list are the best of Mares fins for the choosing — each one ergonomically designed and intricately engineered to ensure durability, comfort, and style.


Mares Power Plana Fins | Mares Fins | Mares Singapore

Mares Power Plana Tec for a badass kick

Though it looks domineering and intimidating, the Power Plana proved to be surprisingly manageable, earning good points for stability, acceleration and maneuverability. Weighing 1.3kg each (size regular) and boasting its charcoal black natural rubber material, the Power Plana is more badass than ever. These Mares paddles move a lot of water. So if you are looking for power, stability, efficiency plus a badass design, Mares Power Plana Tec are the fins that fit you.



Mares X-Stream Fins | Mares Fins | Mares Singapore

Mares X-Stream Open Heel Dive Fins for extreme thrusting power

The Mares X-Stream are your extreme diving fins as you can probably tell from the first glance. While getting the large blades to power you through the water smoothly, a large flex point at the front of the foot pocket helps relieve stress on your joints. The vented foot pocket works great with both bare feet and neoprene diving boots.  These are certainly one of the highest quality diving fins in terms of construction materials and performance—usually appealing to intermediate or advanced divers. An excellent investment for any diver looking for premium level gear.


Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel for comfort and solid thrust

Another great scuba diving fin design that combines stiffer plastics with soft channels to help add some extra oomph to your kicks. The Mares Avanti Quattro adds a very useful bungee style backstrap allowing no fiddling with adjustments: just slip the fin on, and the back strap stretches to snugly hold it in place. Quick, easy and power is the name of the game for the Mares Avanti Quattro—providing rock solid thrust when kicking and undeniable ease of use.


A powerful fin laced with solid stability and efficiency is utterly paramount for serious divers, but above all these, comfort and fit is a feature that cannot be ignored when choosing your own diving fin. May you find the right ones for you!

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See Better Underwater: Your Guide to Mares Dive Masks

As significant as breathing safely and naturally during the dive is an unobscured and unfettered vision. Acknowledged for their avant-garde quality, design, and unmatched durability, here are some of the best of Mares masks for an exceptional vision underwater.


Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mask | Mares Masks | Mares Singapore

Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Mask

A two lens mask crafted with Mares liquidskin technology providing structure to the mask but is also soft when moulded onto the face for added comfort, the Mares X-Vu Liquidskin. This Mares  mask nose is injected with a soft silicone allowing an anti-shock system. Its bi-lens also offer a lower internal volume and a wider field of vision. Adjustment buckles, on the other hand, are placed on the skirt allowing the strap to fit closer to the head — reducing the pressure of the frame against the face plus preventing marks after use.



Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask | Mares Masks | Mares Singapore

Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

The Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask is ultralight and foldable with wide field of vision. It has an exclusive design which blends great technology and aesthetics: quick to adjust buckles for user-friendliness and a huge field of vision.

Simple and comfortable, the Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask is prefered by many advanced divers. Its wide field of vision, frameless design and soft skirt to mould to your face are also features this mask is known for.



Mares X-VU Liquidskin Sunrise Mask | Mares Masks | Mares Singapore

Mares X-VU Liquidskin Sunrise Mask

The Mares X-VU Liquidskin Sunrise diving mask is an epitome of great fit and unparalleled comfort for wider face shapes. Its skirt is engineered into a special geometry giving excellent fit for divers with wider face measurements. It is crafted with Mares Liquidskin technology for even more fluid comfort and perfect seal.


Mares X-Vision Mask | Mares Masks | Mares Singapore

Mares X-Vision Mask

The Mares X-Vision Mask is a dual lens mask that provides a generous and clearer vision during the dive. The lenses are of tempered glass material. The windows, on the other hand, are designed at an optimal angle to provide a wider field of vision. This Mares mask allows the widest possible viewing angle in all directions. Compared to the previous version, this  upgraded version yields 20% wider vision. It has extremely clear silicone skirt and low internal volume and drag design, which makes it light and ideal for a traveling diver.


Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mask | Mares Masks | Mares Singapore

Mares X-Vision Ultra Mask

Mares X-Vision Ultra Mask is a high-performing, bi-silicone diving mask with a wide field of vision. It has a new bi-silicone skirt which allows it to fit into almost any face shape. The liquidskin silicone skirt is thinner and softer creating a perfect seal. The mask strap features an X-shape at the back using the same bi-silicone materials as the skirt keeping the shape and spreading the pressure around the back of the head.

Purchasing your own dive mask is a crucial decision but a worthwhile investment. Believe us, the underwater is a wide visual smorgasbord, and you don’t want to miss the lux sight.


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The Mares Slide & Lock (SLS) Weight System for BCD

Mares Slide And Lock Weight Pocket System or Mares SLS, the new and revolutionary Mares integrated weight system for buoyancy compensators (BCs) — which appears on the Mares Quantum SLS, the Mares Pure SLS, the Mares Dragon SLS, the Kaila SLS and more Mares BCs. It is the fruit of years of studies towards developing a safer and easy to operate weight system. Let’s take a look why amidst its simplicity, it is considered innovative and powerful in the line of weight systems!


Mares SLS flawlessly executes two main task of a weight system

A weight system only has to perform only two functions, but it has to do them flawlessly and meticulously. First, it has to avoid accidental release of a weight pouch. Second, in case of an emergency, the diver must be able to ditch the weight pouches in a simple and intuitive way, even when stressed and panicking. The Mares SLS can precisely execute these both.

Additionally, the Mares SLS is easy to use, gives clear feedback on whether it is engaged or not. It doesn’t wobble on the jacket and has enough capacity for the intended use and even allows you to personalize the pouches by labeling them your name.


Mares SLS has outstanding locking mechanism

Now let’s take a closer look at the locking mechanism of the Mares SLS! The Mares SLS is based on mechanical movements and interference, instead of relying on elastic elements which when deformed will define the whole state of the system. At the core of the Mares SLS is a cursor which can slide within the handle; with its movement defines the position of the teeth on the male buckle. When the cursor is pushed inward, it pushes the teeth outward and keeps them securely locked against the corresponding teeth on the female buckle by placing itself in the return path. When the handle is pulled out, it drags the cursor along with it causing the teeth to be mechanically pulled inward and clear off the female buckle. With all these said, the Mares SLS is definitely a system that holds everything you throw at it, but releases easily without anything getting snagged, with just one pull on the handle.

The Mares SLS also guarantees ease of use with its large handle and by a tunnel on the Mares BC which guides the insertion of the weight pouch so that the male buckle arrives lined up with the female. While holding the handle against the female buckle, use one finger to push in the cursor and lock the pouch in place.

Additionally, the Mares SLS gives a nice audible feedback plus a visual indicator. It has a little window that shows an open padlock on a red background when unlocked, and a closed padlock on a green background when locked. This novelty in a weight system is definitely very useful for you can now immediately verify the proper or improper insertion of your weight system with just one look on this very simple visual guide.


Mares SLS has excellent handle and buckle system

The Mares SLS handle and buckle system is connected to the weight pouch by means of a semi-rigid, U-shaped element, secured in place by a pin — eliminating any potential relative movement between pouch and buckle and consequently between pouch and BC. This means no pouches will be dangling half out of the BC! Combined with the tunnel that holds the whole pouch safely and neatly in place, Mares SLS provides a very stable weight placement on the BC.

The Mares SLS has changed the game for weight systems. With its flawlessly ingenious design, outstanding locking mechanism, and excellent handle and buckle system, you can make sure that your weight loads are secured and will not accidentally drop during the dive. The Mares SLS is absolutely a great innovation in the world of weight systems!

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