Gearing Up for Deep Diving

Deep diving is both an exciting, and extremely tedious activity. Fortunately, it is relatively safe when you are properly trained and equipped with the right equipment. With this demanding dive activity, it is essential to meticulously prepare everything—especially your gears.

1. High-performance regulator

Regular maintenance is significant in preserving the quality performance of your regulator. The flow characteristic of your regulator degrades through frequent use, improper storage, and even over-sitting in dive bag. Have your regulator serviced regularly.

Gearing Up for Deep Diving

2. Alternate air source

Make sure you and your buddy’s octopus is high-performance. Running out of air in the middle of the dive is a sure problem. Research and ask dive professionals on which octopus is the best for deeper dives.

Gearing Up for Deep Diving

3. Dive computer

Get one if you still do not have one. A dive computer is an essential gear especially in deep diving. Get a reliable dive watch—one that can accurately predict your nitrogen loading over several multilevel dives.

Gearing Up for Deep Diving

4. Submersible pressure gauge

You do have one, don’t you? Have it checked before you dive deep.

Gearing Up for Deep Diving

5. Surface Marking Device

This will save you in case you surface far from the boat because of strong currents. Choose a Surface Marker Buoy with a striking color or reflector.

Gearing Up for Deep Diving


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