The Mares’ full and versatile range of high-quality buoyancy compensator devices (BCD) are engineered and built for comfort, convenience, and durability at its best.

One of the unique technologies present in Mares BCDs is the Slide and Lock weight system (SLS) that is a result of years of studies towards a safer and more user-friendly weight system. Mares BCDs also offer unrestricted freedom of movement underwater, excellent buoyancy and fit, and secure grip, among others - making them one of the top-rated choice in the market.

Truly, whatever type of diving or type of control you want to achieve underwater, there is a perfect Mares BCD for you.



Mares Backplate Aluminum

This backplate is made from aluminium meaning it is ultra-light and perfect for travel! With many attachment options.

Mares Backplate Soft

This soft backplate accommodates a single cylinder, offering comfortable padding and holes for mounting accessories. Perfect for a single donut bladder.

Mares Backplate Stainless Steel

Made from 3mm 316 grade stainless steel, this backplate is strong, durable and provides many options for fixing on accessories – all with the modern XR look!

Mares Bolt BCD

The Mares Bolt BCD is an extremely comfortable and streamlined wing-style BCD with Lumbar Support System and Mares’ Slide

Mares Buttplate

Trasform you harness into a sidemount set-up with this buttplate!

Mares Donut Bladder Single Tank

The Donut Bladder Single Tank offers perfect buoyancy and trim, keeping the tank in a perfect position and maintaining comfort as well as a smooth left to right gas shift.

Mares Donut Bladder Twin Tank

The Donut Bladder Twin Tank is a durable, lightweight and long-lasting loop bladder for all your tec diving!

Mares Dragon BCD

The Mares Dragon BCD is an advanced jacket-type BCD made for even greater comfort and stability combined with excellent fit

Mares Harness Heavy Duty Complete

Sturdy, durable harness straps, including a crotch strap, complete with D-rings in marine grade stainless steel.

Mares Harness Heavy Light Complete

Sturdy, durable harness straps, including crotch strap, complete with D-rings in lightweight aluminium.

Mares Heavy Duty Complete Mounted System

Sturdy, durable harness straps, including a crotch strap, complete with D-rings in marine grade stainless steel and mounted onto our 3mm stainless steel backplate.

Mares Heavy Light Complete Mounted System

Sturdy, durable harness straps, including crotch strap, complete with D-rings in lightweight aluminium and mounted onto an easy-to-carry aluminium backplate which is perfect for travel.

Mares Hybrid Airtrim BCD

All the features of the Ergo version are available in this Airtrim version! Great control, comfort and fit! It is possible to inflate and deflate this BCD regardless of position in the water.

Mares Hybrid BCD

The groundbreaking Mares Hybrid BCD is a jacket-style BCD that features seamless shoulder straps for maximum comfort,

Mares Hybrid She Dives BCD

The She Dives version of the Hybrid BCD has been created to perfectly suit the female form! It is a highly innovative BCD with unparalleled comfort, fit, stability and lift!

Mares Kaila BCD

The Mares Kaila BCD is one of Mares’ flagship BCD models under the She Dives line. It is an integrated dive solution loaded with a

Mares Prestige MRS Plus BCD

Mares’ Prestige MRS Plus scuba BCD offers unparalleled comfort, security and excellent lift capacity for an even more enjoyable dive!

Mares Prime BCD

The Mares Prime BCD is a standard wrap-around style BCD that is ideal for those who wants to get started with their scuba diving

Mares Pure BCD

Meet the great Mares Pure BCD. This streamlined BCD is a simple wing-style buoyancy device that offers smart-trim weight

Mares Quantum BCD

The Mares Quantum BCD is an uncompromising jacket-style BCD that offers all the astounding performance of a luxury BCD! It

Mares Wing Bladder Twin Tank

The Wing Bladder Twin Tank is an extremely streamlined bladder in a stable horseshoe shape, made from the finest materials – perfect for twin tank configurations on tec dives.