Mares offers a great array of highly competent gloves that features ultra resistance, maximum dexterity, and supreme grip. Known worldwide for using only the choicest materials, Mares gloves ensure extreme durability, flexibility and superlative endurance to wear and tear.

Mares gloves are perfect for every diving trip. They allow maximum protection without sacrificing functionality. With different thicknesses and designs to choose from, Mares presents gloves that are ingeniously made and especially crafted for every type of dive.



Mares Amara 20 Gloves

The Amara 20 gloves are made from 2mm neoprene with palm and fingers in ultra resistant Amara with an adjustable Velcro strap.

Mares Amara Camo 20 Gloves

The Amara Camo 20 gloves are made in 2mm neoprene with palm and fingers made in ultra-resistant Amara. With adjustable Velcro wrist straps and a brown camouflage look!

Mares Amara Gloves

The Amara gloves are made from 1.5mm black neoprene with palms and fingers covered with a double layer of super resistant Amara! Includes adjustable Velcro closure.

Mares Black 30 Gloves

The Black 30 gloves are made from 3mm double lined neoprene, with reinforced palms and fingers.

Mares Camo 30 Gloves

The Camo 30 gloves are made from 3mm double lined neoprene, with reinforced palms and fingers.

Mares Flex Gloves

These Flex gloves are made in 3mm or 2mm neoprene with reinforced palms and fingers for grip.

Mares Flexa Classic Gloves

The Flexa Classic comes in 3mm thick, double-lined neoprene with a printed palm for added grip!

Mares Flexa Fit 5MM Gloves

The Flexa Fit are a great pair of cold water gloves made from ultrastretch neoprene. With a Glideskin watertight seal and rubber printed palm for better grip! Available in 5mm and 6.5mm thickness.

Mares Flexa Touch Gloves

The 2mm Flexa Touch glove offers maximum dexterity and warmth.

Mares Smooth Skin Gloves

Mares’ Smooth Skin gloves have been created with a preformed cut in a soft and warm 2mm neoprene with outer covering and open-cell interior.

Mares Tec Gloves

The Amara gloves are made from double lined neoprene with inserts made in super resistant Amara! 3 uncovered fingers optimize dexterity underwater.

Mares Trilastic Gloves

Mares’ Trilastic gloves are super elastic, with thicker neoprene on the back of the hand, and a thinner layer on palms and wrists covered in polyurethane for improved movement and grip.