Mares has been known for producing high-grade and durable masks for all ranges - scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving alike - with integrated patented technologies that make them one of the best in the world. Technologies include the Tri-comfort system, which offers increased in comfort by absorbing and redistributing pressure exerted by the frames, and the world-renowned LiquidSkin Technology, which uses an exclusive Bi-Silicone construction for a 45% upgrade in unparalleled comfort and 270% more elasticity for the best fit.


The Mares masks, regardless of single-lens or dual-lens configuration, also offers wide field of vision plus and ergonomically designed aesthetics - offering style, comfort, high performance, maximum durability, and of course, the best diving experience.



Mares Caribe Mask

An entry-level Siliter mask with polycarbonate lense.

Mares Dory Mask

This single-lens snorkelling mask offers a great field of vision for all your snorkelling adventures!

Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

The Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask is a light and foldable single lens mask that is the ultimate expression of the LiquidSkin

Mares Essence Mask

The Essence is light and foldable with a wide field of vision. Quick-adjust buckles make this scuba mask user-friendly- an exclusive design which blends great technology and aesthetics.

Mares I3 Mask

Mares’ I3 offers a huge field of vision, with a wide central glass and small panels for incredible peripheral vision on either side! The Tri-Comfort skirt contains small ribs which reduce pressure and increase the dive mask’s comfort- perfect for long dives!

Mares I3 Sunrise Mask

The I3 Sunrise has all the great features of the I3 scuba diving mask but with the special ‘Sunrise’ shape. This means extra comfort for wider face shapes due to a specially designed skirt.

Mares Kona Mask

The Kona is a low volume mask with medium to large skirt which secures excellent fit for most adult faces. Includes EZ buckles.

Mares Kona Mid Mask

A proven dive mask for juniors and adults with smaller faces, equipped with EZ adjust buckles.

Mares One-Vision Mask

The new benchmark in single-lens diving masks with a revolutionary design! The One Vision boasts exceptional vision, an ergonomic fit, the easy-to-adjust two-button buckle system and great hydrodynamics- incredible!

Mares One-Vision Sunrise Mask

The One Vision Sunrise is a single-lens scuba mask boasting exceptional vision, an ergonomic fit, the easy-to-adjust two-button buckle system and great hydrodynamics! As well as this the Sunrise version has a special skirt designed for wider face shapes.

Mares Opera Mask

The Mares Opera Mask is a dual lens or two-window mask with a durable construction of techno-polymer, tempered glass, and

Mares Pirate Mask

The junior version of Mares’ famous X-Vision mask with EZ adjust buckles mounted on the mask’s skirt and an excellent field of vision.

Mares Pure Vision Mask

The famous Pure Vision mask has been proven over its years on the market. With EZ adjust buckles and standard size skirt.

Mares Ray Mask

An exclusive mask with integrated buckles for easy adjustment. Truly intuitive!

Mares Samurai Mask

The Samurai dive mask is one of the world’s bestsellers. It offers low internal volume and is very lightweight, made from hypoallergenic, anti-glare silicone with a reduced eye-lens distance.

Mares Samurai X Mask

The Samurai X is a re-working of Mares’ popular Samurai mask. Distance from lens to eyes has been reduced, the frame is even more lightweight and it has an anti-reflective, matte finish.

Mares Seahorse Mask

Mono-lense siliter mask equipped with EZ adjust buckles.

Mares Sharky Jr Mask

A stylish silicone mask with easy adjust buckles.

Mares Star Elite Mask

The Star Elite diving mask has been created especially for spearfishing and freediving for a better field of vision paired with small volume. Featuring a silicone skirt and mirrored lenses which hide the fisherman’s eyes to avoid startling fish.

Mares Star Liquidskin Mask

The Star scuba mask’s sturdy, lightweight frame sits close to the face, improving hydrodynamics. With a reduced distance between the lens and eyes this mask offers a great field of vision with the lowest possible volume and perfect distance perception!

Mares Star Mask

The Star mask has been created especially for spearfishing and freediving for a better field of vision paired with small volume and reduced eye-lens distance. Made in mono-silicone.

Mares Starfish Mask

A bi-lense Siliter mask with a traditional design and quick adjust buckles. Great value!

Mares Stream Mask

A mono-lens Siliter mask with a large field of vision and EZ adjust buckles

Mares Tana Mask

Our Tana diving mask is available in a wide range of colors for all tastes. A lightweight, comfortable mask including a silicone skirt and soft touch inserts on the frame.

Mares Tortuga Mask

A mono-lense junior mask with polycarbonate lense.

Mares Vento Jr Mask

The Vento Jr has an extremely comfortable skirt and exclusive EZ adjust buckles.

Mares Vento Mask

This mask has a surprisingly large field of vision and extremely comfortable skirt. Includes exclusive EZ buckles.

Mares Viper Mask

The Viper is a revolutionary diving mask for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen! With innovative technical features and a unique, striking design.

Mares Wahoo Mask

A great mask with EZ adjust buckles mounted onto the skirt. Ideal for medium to larger faces.

Mares X-Free Mask

The X-Free is a great freediving or spearfishing mask with a range of features – reduced drag in the water, low internal volume, increased field of vision and anti-reflective properties to name but a few!

Mares X-Vision Mask

Our X-Vision model range is getting better and better! Our latest model offers ultra-clear silicone, hydrodynamic designs and an extra-wide field of view.

Mares X-Vision Mid Mask

The popular X-Vision also comes in Mid size. Meticulous design and optical tests mean this mask is perfect for wider face shapes. This scuba mask also includes quick-adjust buckles for ease of use, even with gloves.

Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mask

The Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mask is a dual mirrored-lens mask designed for performance and upgraded comfort. Its

Mares X-VU Liquidskin Sunrise Mask

The X-VU Liquidskin Sunrise diving mask offers great fit and unparalleled comfort for wider face shapes thanks to the special geometry of its skirt! Includes Liquidskin technology for even more comfort!

Mares Zephir Jr Mask

A Siliter junior mask in Mares’ X-Vision design and EZ adjust buckles.

Mares Zephir Mask

The Zephir has a similar look to Mares’ famous X-Vision. A Siliter mask with EZ adjust buckles. Great value!