Mares has created a wide variety of powerful torches skillfully engineered to light up every diving trip - from scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving or spearfishing. Absolutely high-performing torches available on the market.

Mares dive torches offer uncompromising performance, and high power. These torches are bright, versatile and practically indispensable. Mares dive torches also offer excellent power, extended burn time and a great range of features.

Mares torches feature consistent light intensity, rechargeable batteries, magnetic switches, one-hand use tubular handle, LED back-up torch, USB charging cable, LED charge indicator, wide light beam and even an adjustable wrist strap.



Mares EOS 2RZ Torch

The EOS 2RZ is extremely lightweight and perfect as a backup torch! At just 120g, it is one of the lightest aluminum torches on the market and boasts many functions!

Mares EOS 10R Torch

The EOS 10R dive torch offers uncompromising performance. Its tubular handle with perfect balance gives easy handling underwater, with a burn time of over 150 minutes!

Mares EOS 12RZ Torch

The EOS 12RZ dive torch offers excellent power, extended burn time and a range of features; there have never been so many functions in a single torch!

Mares EOS 20RZ Torch

Be illuminated with the EOS 20RZ! With more than 20,000 lux of luminous intensity, it is one of the highest performance torches on the market.

Mares EOS 2C Torch

The EOS 2C is small, lightweight and able to deliver a high-intensity light. Made from sturdy aluminum, is it corrosion resistant and able to withstand intense use!

Mares EOS 4RZ Torch

The EOS 4RZ is extremely lightweight and compact. Its broad beam can illuminate deep in to the water, the ideal dive companion!

Mares EOS 5 Torch

The EOS 5 is small and bright, combining compact size with a high-intensity LED. It’s perfect as a main torch or a backup on more demanding dives.

Mares EOS 7RZ Torch

The EOS 7RZ is bright, versatile and practically indispensable. A small torch, it is perfect as a main torch in recreational dives or a backup in more demanding ones.

Mares EOS Alpha Torch

The EOS Alpha torch is a new, compact light specifically for spearfishing. Includes a magnetic switch with continuous-on or off position.