The ‘quieter’ cousin of Bali: Where to dive when in Lombok?

Lombok is located in West Nusa Tengarra area in Indonesia and is referred to as the “quieter” cousin of Bali. With its bohemian vibe, laid back ambiance, and great dive sites, Lombok is the perfect destination for relaxation and adventures. Cathedral This shocking, coral encrusted shake apex is a most loved by some divers. Its … Read more

Diving with the Sea’s Nomadic Giants

Apart from its lavish coral engineering and it being the home of the submerged Igara ship, Anambas is likewise a fixation among divers for its graceful goliaths: whale sharks. This guide will help you how to spot and swim mindfully around these delicate leviathans when you dive Anambas. The giant migrators Whale sharks are transient … Read more

Incredibly Beautiful Archipelagos to Dive

There is something about archipelagos that sets us fantasizing of dreamy coasts studded with jewel reefs, and utopian underwater landscapes. These clusters of gem islands interconnected by sapphire-blue waters should be on every divers must-dive list. Here are the most surreal of them all: Galapagos Cold water diving is the stick here in the Galapagos … Read more