3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos

Macro photographers are now using new techniques and high-quality equipment to deliver inventive underwater images. Purchasing these apparatuses can be costly, especially if you are just kick-starting your journey to macro photography. So we’ve come up with these essential composition hacks to help you take better photos with or without fancy camera gears:

The closer the subject, the better.

The best macro pictures often have its subject fill the frame. You should keep on moving closer to your subject until it takes up the vast majority of the space in the viewfinder. With the littlest subjects, a macro focal point will help accomplish this.

3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos

Capture your subject’s eyes.

Capturing the eyes of your subject creates more emotions to your photographs. Endeavor to take the shot so the two eyes (if your subject has eyes) are in the center and coordinated toward the camera. Ensure the eyes are looking at the camera lens. Focusing the eyes additionally gives a look-ahead composition—considerably more ­engaging than a fish-tail or ­top-down shots.

3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos

Highlight your subject’s best features.

There is no set-in-stone rule in ­positioning your subject. Picking an angle that highlights your subject’s best features must be the objective. Applying the rule-of-thirds, the golden ratio or the principles of Gestalt will take your photos to the next level.

3 Essential Tips For Better Macro Photos


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