5 Streamlined Ways to Maximize Mares Gear

5 Streamlined Ways to Maximize Mares Gear

There are time saving tricks for almost everything nowadays—including the gear-intensive sport, scuba diving. Learn how to make the most out of your Mares paraphernalia by giving these hacks a go:

1.Mares BCD and bungee cords.

The key to enhanced diving efficiency and security would be streamlining the Mares Bolt BCD. The BCD is designed with a slide and lock weight system for a lightweight feel. But regardless of how much light-handling we do we will still need a range of equipment depending on the dive mission. Bungee cords with hooks on each end could secure the gear to your BCD, arm, and thigh or wherever you’ve attached it instead of the gear just dangling while you dive.

2.Mares wetsuits and plastic bags.

While the Mares Flexa 5.4.3mm wetsuit is formulated with 100% ultra- stretch of high-quality neoprene that gives you that signature Mares snug fit, putting it on could be time consuming. Getting your wrists and ankles through the wetsuit’s cuff could be the conundrum. It is highly suggested to use (any) plastic bags, wear them on both hands and feet when putting on your Mares wetsuit. The low friction of the said synthetic material against the neoprene makes it easier to slide into.

3.Mares wetsuit and BCD zippers and candle wax.

May it be your Mares Flexa wetsuit or Mare Bolt BCD, stubborn zippers are inevitable. Anything with zippers must be lubricated regularly for proper maintenance. Most people would buy commercially available products to remedy the crisis at hand. Candle wax is a much cheaper substitute for all those lubricants.

4.Mares Gloves and woolen gloves.

With 5mm to 6.5mm if thickness, the Mares Flexa Fit Gloves is the perfect choice to keep your hands warm while diving in the cold. If this isn’t enough to keep your fingers from getting frostbites, wear woolen gloves under your wetsuit gloves. The material will insulate your hands even when completely soaked.

5.Mares masks and baby shampoo.

The Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask offers you comfort fit and the best view but it is not exempted from fog. For most divers spitting on their mask is not an option, a bottle of baby shampoo can be used to defog your mask instead. Rub a few drops of the shampoo inside of the damp glass. Toothpaste can also be used but baby shampoo is much more recommended as it will not hurt in case it gets in your eyes.

These time saving tips will make the tedious task of maintaining and using dive gear a breeze. Prolong and preserve your products for more diving adventures.


Get to know the roots and story of Mares

Get to know the roots and story of Mares

In 68 years of producing high quality scuba diving equipment for scuba divers, Mares became one of the best worldwide brand of leisure/sports equipment. From diving equipments to diving wetsuits, Mares got a wide range of products to offer. Let’s dive into the world of Mares and get to know its roots and story!

The start of world class diving gears

The start of world class diving gears

Founder Ludovico Mares initially built the Mares way back in 1949 in Rapallo, Italy. The company started with scuba diving masks and spearguns. It then expanded and clicked the heart of the scuba divers which became one of the largest company manufacturer of scuba diving equipments. Mares continuously expanded as it also merged with the former USA manufacturer, Dacor.

Breathing underwater

Breathing underwater may feel strange. That is why you need a regulator that will help you to reduce pressurized breathing beneath the water. The innovative Mares Regulator Loop 15x is the new second stage from Mares that will set new standards in the regulator segment.  Its unique special “vertical” use is made with a rubber hose which is slightly longer than the normal ones. Mares continuously meet the needs of the divers as it can be used with the hose coming from the left, whether used as the main regulator or as an octopus.  This new Loop has an incredible comfort that satisfies the needs of the divers.

Freedom of movement underwater

When going into the waters, it is important that you have a full grasp of your movement. After the regulator, it is best that you invest on buoyancy compensator that will help you stay buoyant and enjoy a nice dive. Mares meets the needs of the divers by producing male and female range of BCDs.  Take it from the Mares Hybrid Pro Tec Male which has a maximum comfort, fit, and stability. The Mares She Dives BCD is specially designed to get a better fit and balance to the women divers.

It is also important that you have a comfortable wetsuit when diving. Mares 1mm Coral Mens Wetsuit is fast drying and can be worn in warm water. It has flexible molded rubber knee pads for grip and durability plus foot stirrups for great fit. It also comes with adjustable velcro collar that helps keep the cold out. Don’t worry for this wetsuit also comes with women’s sizes and shape.

Mares accessories

Complete your diving experience with the Mares accessories. This includes your diving torch, knife and bags. The versatile Mares EOS 7RZ is bright that it can actually reach 100 meters down the ocean.  It comes with high intensity of white L.E.D. light for maximum visibility. Divers should always be free from any entanglements that might ruin the smooth dive, that is why it is also important that you consider a diving knife. Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife is a foldable dive knife which is easier and safer to use underwater. Made from ultra beta titanium, it guarantees you fine cutting sharpness from its custom ground blade with a special serrated edge. Wrap your diving equipments and things with Mares wide range of bags. Depending on your trip, Mares provides you the best and high-quality of bags that you can use in your adventure.

In a span of 68 years, it is clear that Mares constantly provides divers with quality and comfort that they can use in their dive. It aims to be more innovative and meet the needs of the divers which they can surely enjoy. Make your diving experience safe, comfortable, and durable with Mares!