Mass coral spawning: Restoring damaged coral reefs

Mass Coral Spawning: Restoring damaged coral reefs

Coral reef ecosystems cover only less than one percent of the world’s ocean area, yet they are home to about 25 percent of all marine species. Furthermore, the ecosystem services they provide annually—shoreline protection, fisheries, and tourism—reaches roughly $375 billion.

Coral reef destruction

Sixteen percent of corals died in the first global bleaching event that occurred in 1998. The setback spiralled dramatically between 2015 and 2016—an extended El Nino triggered the world’s most widespread bleaching ever. The third global bleaching event, unfortunately, still continues today even after El Nino ended.

Mass Coral Spawning: Restoring damaged coral reefs

Villains of the reefs

Even the slightest human touch can slaughter an entire colony of corals. Oils and other chemicals from our skin can disturb the protective mucous membrane that shields them from diseases. Scientists also pointed out that main factors in coral reef decline such as pollution, climate change, and reef infestations must be given a solution.

Mass Coral Spawning: Restoring damaged coral reefs

New hope: Mass coral spawning

About 30 years ago, the phenomenon of “sex on the reef—the mass spawning of corals,” was discovered. This discovery is the foundation of a project that may successfully re-establish the population of corals. This project aims to accelerate the formation of new coral colonies. It is now being done in small areas in the Great Barrier Reef. The process involves attaching coral larvae directly on the reef (breeding and application of coral larvae) in the hope that they grow. This method, also called coral gardening, gives new hope in combating the widespread destruction of the coral reef ecosystems.

Mass Coral Spawning: Restoring damaged coral reefs


Barter Maison is the New Distributor of Mares for Singapore

Barter Maison is the New Distributor of Mares for Singapore

“Dear ladies and gentlemen,

MARES Italy; Europe’s #1 and worldwide #2 brand in innovative Scuba Diving equipment is pleased to announce the appointment of Barter Maison as its new distributor for Singapore, succeeding Fasia Ltd.

Barter Maison has for years been a leading wholesaler and retailer in the Singapore dive industry and most recently, successfully added the distribution of SSI to its portfolio boasting an impressive track record over the first 12 months.

Barter Maison commences trading from its Singaporean facility on September 1st 2017. The operation will be managed by Barter Maison and supported by a dedicated team with a passion for diving and a commitment to the dealer network in Singapore. Early appointments include Emphraim Ang as Sales Manager and Guo Qiang as Operation Manager.

Barter Maison will import a wide range of new, exciting products such as

Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

The latest developments in BCDs and regulators

The comprehensive MARES Extended Range product

rEvo, the world’s most advanced technical rebreather

MARES and Barter Maison are pleased to invite you to the following Product Introduction Event at The Art House on 16th December 2017.

Light snacks and beverages will be provided, as the wide range of new products will be on show at the event.

Goods are expected to arrive in Singapore per mid September and the new MARES products will be shipped as early as end September 2017.

The distribution agreement with Fasia Ltd. has been terminated by MARES as per August 31st 2017. Fasia, however is still authorized to sell off its existing stock until December 31st 2017.

MARES trusts that the Singaporean diving community will be reassured that we are 100% committed to forging strong commercial & customer relationships in the long term. We believe that your attendance at any of our launch events will greatly assist your understanding of the new line and commercial structure prior to making any purchasing decisions.

We would like to stress that these launch events are not exclusive to only current Mares dealers. All dive centers and shops are welcome to attend.

MARES would also like to reassure our current dealers that it will honor full warranty and service for all originally packed products purchased from Fasia before December 31st 2017 in compliance with the international MARES warranty program. Logistical reasons dictate that warranty replacements cannot be processed before October 1st 2017.

To register your attendance at our launch event or should you have any enquiries, please contact [email protected] or phone +65 6292 0096

We look forward to seeing you at the event!”