Cave Diving: How to prepare oneself?

People say the age of exploration has gone and passed. These people have yet to discover cave diving. Cave diving at first may seem to be an impossible feat. It’s requires commitment, training and gear wise. If you take the following into consideration, the Herculean task would be a possible feat:

Cave Diving Stress

It is vital to be in a state of calmness when in possibly stressful situations like your dive missions. This is true as there is no way for a diver in panic to ascent immediately. Drills are performed during sessions from the SSI Cave Diving in order for divers understand and react in stressful situations such as running out of air, losing a buddy or a gear malfunction. Cave Dives should take any training very seriously and put it into practice until the trainee feels comfortable with solving the drills. This is to avoid panic and unpleasant events underwater.

Cave Diving: How to prepare oneself?

Previous Scuba Training

Doubles tanks and rebreathers are often used by cave diver. It is must to have previous experience with either technique before you attempting your cave dive mission. A diver should also have buoyancy control as well as familiar with propulsion techniques such as the helicopter turn, frog kick and etc. Improper techniques would lead up to stirring up the silt lessening or losing one’s visibility. For open water dives, it is easier to gain visibility by swimming to other directions if the silt has been stirred. As for cave dives, the silt will stay in suspension for a while due to reduced water flow.

Cave Diving: How to prepare oneself?

Cave Diving Equipment

Handling of scuba gear and techniques are also a key to a safe and successful cave dive. It is well-advised to have all the essential gear before starting in order to get used to using your own equipment. If uncertainty still lingers of you’ll like cave diving, one could opt to renting instead of purchasing as a kit is not inexpensive. With all those in mind, cave dive training should be continued as regular exposure could enhance your skills and lessen risks and danger during your dive missions. Although the recreational activity is not for everybody, one could improve their propulsion techniques, trim and their ability to handle tough situations. The Cave Diving experience will give you those advantages and help you stay on top of your game.

Cave Diving: How to prepare oneself?


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