How to Choose the Right Diving Gears

Ignorance is not an option when choosing your scuba diving equipment. Your gears, like your diving skills, determine the overall success of your dive. Here’s a guide on how to choose these complex gears for a better diving experience.


Optimum performance. It is significant to understand the controls of your regulator and how it works—some models of regulators have diver-controlled knobs and switches to aid the process of delivering a high volume of air at depth, under heavy exertion, and at low tank pressures.

Dive Computer

User-friendly interface.  if you can’t easily access the basic information you need during a dive, the most expensive dive computer does you no good. A dive computer is used to check on your depth, time, decompression status and tank pressure. You must choose a dive computer that can give you clear information at a glance.

Buoyancy Compensator Device

Comfort and fit. Slip into the exposure suit you’ll wear often before you try on BCs. Look for a BC that fits perfectly but doesn’t squeeze your body when inflated.


Mares. Just Add Water.


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