Incredibly Beautiful Archipelagos to Dive

There is something about archipelagos that sets us fantasizing of dreamy coasts studded with jewel reefs, and utopian underwater landscapes. These clusters of gem islands interconnected by sapphire-blue waters should be on every divers must-dive list. Here are the most surreal of them all:


Cold water diving is the stick here in the Galapagos Islands. Off the southeast shoreline of Darwin Island and open by liveaboard is Darwin’s Arch, which is regularly alluded to as the best dive site on the planet. If you fancy huge creatures, get ready for hammerheads, whale sharks, veritable bottlenecks of ocean turtles, and even tiger sharks without much of a stretch be spotted on a solitary dive here. On both Darwin and Wolf Island you can hope to see entrancing Galapagos sharks coasting through the completely clear water. In the event that pinnipeds are what you’re looking for, Gordon Rocks is the place to be.


Indonesia, the world’s biggest archipelago, boggles the brain with more than 17,000 islands hung across over 3,000 miles. For divers, the blockbuster dive spots are too many to name. Far east in the archipelago, and the most epic among them is Raja Ampat, at the center of both the Coral Triangle and the world’s marine biodiversity.

Andaman Islands

This Bay of Bengal archipelago has a place with Myanmar and India, which lies 850 miles toward the west, however the Andaman Islands are really arranged nearer to the Thai drift — a social junction, as it were, that happens to cross a diver’s fantasy. Together with the neighboring islands of Nicobar, the Andamans consider 572 islands as a real part of them; encompassing those islands are the absolute most immaculate dive spots you can envision.


You can fantasize about any sort of diving, and it’s possible that the huge archipelago of the Philippines—with more than 7,100 islands dabbed with dive resorts—has a submerged wonderland to meet your fantasies. Photography buffs looking for the South China Sea’s wildest creatures sets for Anilao on the island of Luzon to spot such peculiarities as painted frogfish, and saw-blade shrimps. The magnificent dive destinations around Malapascua offer rushes of each shape and size, from thresher sharks that can reach up to 12 feet long to saucy mandarin fish that parade their hues.


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