New Divers Guide to Scuba Diving Gears

Scuba diving is an equipment-intensive sport because humans are not designed to swim, or stay warm underwater. In this sport, we rely on gears for a successful dive. Here is a handy guide to the essential gears all scuba divers need: Dive Mask and Snorkel So you can see clearly underwater, your dive mask makes … Read more

How to Choose the Right Diving Gears

Ignorance is not an option when choosing your scuba diving equipment. Your gears, like your diving skills, determine the overall success of your dive. Here’s a guide on how to choose these complex gears for a better diving experience. Regulator Optimum performance. It is significant to understand the controls of your regulator and how it … Read more

Technical Diving: 4 Essential Skills to Master

Technical diving is an exciting sport, but also inherently dangerous. It requires your foundational scuba diving skills when diving in environments that restrict your access to the surface—so when an emergency arises, you can focus on solving the problem and aborting the dive. You should practice these essential skills even when you are just new … Read more