Mares X-Stream Fins: Your X-traordinary Power Underwater


Your diving fin is a massive factor in the overall success of your dive. That is why it is utterly important to have a fin that will give you great kicks without compromising comfort while diving. Thus, Mares  X-Stream Fin was developed — ingeniously engineered and meticulously designed to give exceptional style and thrusting power underwater. We dissected its features and technologies to bits and we’ve come up with a list of why the X-Stream is apparently X-traordinary:

Mares X-Stream distinct materials

The Mares X-Stream Fin is carefully crafted with three distinct materials — each with its own mission: thermoplastic, stiff black rubber, and a clear, soft rubber.

The thermoplastic material is for the blade frame and footboard. The stiff black rubber, on the other hand, is over-molded on the blade’s side rails and at the juncture of the fin’s next-generation Optimized Pivoting Blade (OPB). Finally, the clear, soft rubber is used on the foot pocket and on the blade’s super channel center panel. These distinct, premium materials make Mares X-Stream comfortable, lightweight and one that delivers both stability and a lot of snap.

Mares X-Stream lightweight design

Mares X-Stream is extremely light for a full-size fin but proves to be one of the fastest fins on the speed course, generating great power for less effort. Removing areas of the fins that don’t contribute to thrust, it weighs only 0.66kg per fin. The fins are very light so it takes less effort to move them through the water.

Mares X-Stream reduces parachute effect

The Mares X-Stream perforated foot pocket is an interesting detail as it not only eliminates drag but also makes the pocket more flexible. It also reduces sucking effect when removing the fin after a dive. This also allows the fins to get on and off easily even while in the water.

Mares X-Stream hinged blade

The Optimized Pivoting Blade (OPB) feature of the Mares X-Stream delivers a propulsive blade snap that propels you forward more efficiently on every downward stroke. It increases the efficiency of the divers kicks while reducing negative trust. The fin also earned solid marks for performance using all kicking styles.

Mares X-Stream channel thrust technology

The clear, soft rubber used on the blade creates a  super channel allowing you the best performance with minimal effort; it creates a large flexible central panel that helps propel water-flow more efficiently down the fin blade instead of letting it spill over the sides.

Mares X-Stream quick release ABS plus buckles

This ingenious feature of the Mares X-Stream allows you to easily open and close the buckles even while wearing thick neoprene gloves. The ABS plus buckles allow donning and doffing the fins without adjusting the straps. The double button release also prevents the buckle from accidentally opening making it very user-friendly.

Mares X-Stream comfortable fit

The fusion of softer materials with stiffer materials creates a foot pocket with an unmatched comfortable fit — while ensuring all the power of the foot is transferred to the blades.

With all these innovative features and technologies welded on it, the Mares X-Stream promises an overall comfort and lightweight-ness with unparalleled stability and X-traordinary power. Plus, it also looks really good under the water.