The Mares Flexa Family and Why You Should Own One

The Mares Flexa Family and Why You Should Own One

Here at Mares, the birth of the New Flexa Family is more than just a heritage of wetsuits and accessories. We aim to produce models equipped with ultimate characteristics that already made the previous line stand out in addition with reputable refinements to provide the best possible performance. We bring you a new standard made up of elite aesthetic and functional innovations. Here is a list of the new Mares Flexa line:

Mares Flexa 8.6.5

Thinking of something arctic? With a thickness of 8.6.5mm, this wetsuit is perfect for an icing and freezing water getaway!


Mares Flexa 5.4.3

Designed specifically for temperate waters. Equipped with back and shoulder protection system.

Mares Flexa 3.2.2

Drafted for warm waters and comes with white colored panels to distinguish it from others. Dive with style!

Mares Flexa Core

The 4mm ultra-elastic shorty of the line, an absolute gem for cold waters. It is a very flexible element on which can be worn by itself or on top of the Flexa wetsuits or any Mares suits for maximum protection.


Mares Flexa Vest

It guarantees thermal comfort with 3mm thickness and ensures maximum flexibility with a built-in hood. You can definitely wear it under or over any Flexa suit.

Mares Flexa Therm

Gives maximum thermal comfort and the absolute perfect fit! Made from Ultrastretch neoprene with a masterseal zip, it offers optimum freedom of movement.


Mares Flexa Hood

Guarantees fast air release and ear equalization system.

Mares Flexa Fit Gloves

Snug cut available in 5mm and 6.5mm neoprene

All wetsuits are available in Men’s and She Dives versions. The Flexa family takes pride in its Trilastic technology which in fact uses different thickness of neoprene for different parts of the body. The updated Flexa family is made in ultrastretch material which promises convenience, easy donning and comfort. This line will surely satisfy even the most meticulous divers out there. What are you waiting for? Contact your Mares dealer and own something Flexa today!