The Best of Mares Fins: Which of these Mares Fins Fit You?

Equally critical and exciting, scuba diving is a serious water sport that need ingeniously engineered gears to navigate better underwater regardless—the water condition and temperature. Just like other gears, your diving fins will significantly define the quality of your dive. So, choosing a fin that fits you and being familiar with it is extremely important as it allows for more precision during your dives and leads to a higher confidence level. On the list are the best of Mares fins for the choosing — each one ergonomically designed and intricately engineered to ensure durability, comfort, and style.


Mares Power Plana Fins | Mares Fins | Mares Singapore

Mares Power Plana Tec for a badass kick

Though it looks domineering and intimidating, the Power Plana proved to be surprisingly manageable, earning good points for stability, acceleration and maneuverability. Weighing 1.3kg each (size regular) and boasting its charcoal black natural rubber material, the Power Plana is more badass than ever. These Mares paddles move a lot of water. So if you are looking for power, stability, efficiency plus a badass design, Mares Power Plana Tec are the fins that fit you.



Mares X-Stream Fins | Mares Fins | Mares Singapore

Mares X-Stream Open Heel Dive Fins for extreme thrusting power

The Mares X-Stream are your extreme diving fins as you can probably tell from the first glance. While getting the large blades to power you through the water smoothly, a large flex point at the front of the foot pocket helps relieve stress on your joints. The vented foot pocket works great with both bare feet and neoprene diving boots.  These are certainly one of the highest quality diving fins in terms of construction materials and performance—usually appealing to intermediate or advanced divers. An excellent investment for any diver looking for premium level gear.


Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel for comfort and solid thrust

Another great scuba diving fin design that combines stiffer plastics with soft channels to help add some extra oomph to your kicks. The Mares Avanti Quattro adds a very useful bungee style backstrap allowing no fiddling with adjustments: just slip the fin on, and the back strap stretches to snugly hold it in place. Quick, easy and power is the name of the game for the Mares Avanti Quattro—providing rock solid thrust when kicking and undeniable ease of use.


A powerful fin laced with solid stability and efficiency is utterly paramount for serious divers, but above all these, comfort and fit is a feature that cannot be ignored when choosing your own diving fin. May you find the right ones for you!

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